About the Owner Bobby OBrien

Bobby OBrien

Why did you open Clean Air Lawn Care?

I want to create a legacy for my daughter so she has a business that will support sustainable habits now and in the future. My goal is to grow this business in a new market that will teach our community that these choices are smart and profitable in more ways then one.

The Carbon footprint of Clean Air Lawn Care is just the beginning to getting our precious resources back and to maintain a safe environment for our children and their children. It is up to us to speak up and promote the positivity in this business.

What sustainable habits do you have?

My habits are utilizing the ever-changing technology that helps save our planet. For example, LED lighting in my home, RV and vehicles are a must. I utilize many home gadgets like Alexa, Nest and Ring to help not only make my home safe but to help utilize the energy spent wisely in my home. Recycle wherever we can with daily garbage, in-home usage in remodeling & décor and in the landscape side with organic usage of fertilizers and solar powered equipment.

I share my knowledge with all my customers, friends and family on these habitats so we can help do our part to maintain a healthy environment for our future.

What are some of your hobbies?

I have been blessed with loving the outdoors in many assets over that last 4 decades. In my free time in the spring and early summer, I love to spend my time on the bay of the Laguna Madre in the Texas Gulf Coast.  A rod and reel in one hand and stringer attached to my wading belt waiting for the “Texas Slam” to bite.

The Texas Slam is made up a stringer of the mighty Red Drum known as “Redfish” to us locals, the elusive Speckled Trout and a Flounder commonly referred to as ‘The Flatty.”

In the fall months, we prepare for the white tail deer hunt and get a few weekends and early evenings of dove hunts.

South Texas is known for hunting migratory birds like the White Wing, Ring Neck and Eurasian Doves. After an evening of shooting, we prepare the birds for an incredible meal by breasting the dove, wrap it in a strip of bacon with a jalapeno and cream cheese. Then cook on the open flame pit.  These are the fall delicatessen in South Texas.

The winter now consists of Nov – Jan with multiple weekend trips to the deer lease to stalk our annual trophy buck. Most trips are spent waiting for that one trophy to appear. The rest of the time is spent with our fellow hunters around a campfire or fireplace and dining table enjoying fellowship, food and fun.

What inspires you as a person and business owner?

What inspires me the most is when I can put a smile on someone’s face. My faith has guided me to take on situations that need direction.

In my 30-year retail career, I was placed in many customer satisfaction situations that gave me the ability to “Do the Right Thing” and take care of customers the way they deserve to be taken care of.

I can pride myself on saying that I have never had to tell a customer “NO” or “walk away” from a customer without an acceptable resolution for both parties.

Many of my customers over the years have become friends and continue to support me in my direction because I supported them in their time of need.

As a business owner, I will carry on what I have learned over the years. I will take care of each and every customer to the best of my ability.  I will continue to mentor my associates to make their dreams become a reality. I will continue to support my Church, my family, my peers and my friends in whatever way I need to, because that’s what a servant leader does.

What about your family, what would you like to share?

My family life has been blessed with a beautiful daughter of 16 years and support from two wonderful parents that gave me guidance through many trials in life.

My daughter is a gift that amazes me every day. She is a product of now 13 years of Christian education. She will graduate in 2021 with a great faith-based education that will guide her to her success. She has now been a part of the work force for right at a year, starting her first job at the age of 15. She has incredible leadership qualities that she gets from both her parents.  She has a huge heart that was gifted to her by both her grandmas. Her next hurdle and goal will be a college degree.

My mother is my rock and my sense of reason. Her and I took on the battle of Dementia for 7 years that fell into my father in 2010. We hit it straight on and kept my dad safe and comfortable through the last 4 years of pain. He is now gone and at peace since 2017. I have been blessed with my mother’s caring heart and continue to lead a servant’s direction.

I agree that you do need financial stability to survive in today’s world but more important I keep a close handle on what my family and friends and even strangers need to get through the next day.  I will take a step back to make sure that a smile is placed on someone that needs it.

This brings me to my mission statement that I base my personal and business life on each day.

My Mission Statement | A Servant Leader to guide the suffering in the direction to find their legacy.
For it is about the weak becoming Strong that will guide our future.

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